The world needs positive stories. That much has been underscored in recent weeks. There are many divisive issues, and it’s easy to get caught up in all of it. So, while we still have to be plugged in to be informed and take action where we see fit, we all need to find that space in our own hearts and minds where we take the time to nurture ourselves and stay positive.

Ideally, the work we do is inspirational and uplifting at Ice River Films. We endeavour to create connectivity through our films. We know by experience that amazing people come in all kinds and we always look to elevate ourselves so we can move forward to help each other live passionately.

The Handcrafted Manitoba series for MTS exemplifies the best in all of us, introducing us to people who have the courage to follow their own life-path. In season 2 we worked on 4 episodes with 5 amazing people who were generous enough to share their time: reclaimed metal artist Pierrette Sherwood, viking carver Garth Meacham, buckskin brain-tanner Carl Froese along with Reg and Jamie Kucey, antler carver and furniture maker respectively. This season, we worked diligently to dig deeper and each episode became more about life and the human condition than the craft itself. These are truly inspirational people showing wisdom through their artistic visions and we’d like to share these stories with you.

A first for Ice River Films, we’d like to invite you to a screening of ‘Handcrafted Manitoba Season 2’ at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg, Tuesday February 7. The artists we’ve worked with over the last few years will have their work on display in the lobby giving an intimate in-person experience with some of the people you’ll see on screen. Truly, it should be an awesome evening of sharing creative work in different mediums. We really look forward to sharing the night with you all.

Handcrafted Season 2 Screening Event

Venue: Park Theatre (698 Osborne St., Winnipeg, MB)
Doors at 7pm
Screening at 8pm
4 x 10 min. Episodes
Admission: Free!

Artists and craftspeople in attendance from Handcrafted Manitoba season 2:

  • Pierrette Sherwood
  • Garth Meacham
  • Reg & Jamie Kucey
  • Carl Froese

Artists and craftspeople in attendance from Handcrafted Manitoba season 1:

  • Matt Jenkins
  • Dave Zachary
  • Walter Keller
  • Doug Ingram
  • Brooklyn Hurst
  • Not in attendance: Lesia Anna