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Factual Series & Documentaries

Honestly, at Ice River Films, our job is pretty awesome. We find authentic and interesting people doing amazing things. We follow them to new and exciting places and immerse ourselves in the experiences. These compelling stories connect us; they remind us of what truly matters and why we’re all here.

about Ice River Films

We’re humble and still love what we do. Based out of Winnipeg, Canada, close to the middle of our country, we’re grounded in the will and resilience that comes from living here. There’s beauty in simplicity. We’re rooted in the ideals of great concepts with skilled execution. As filmmakers, our goal is to always reach for the next level with each production.

We love to explore new places and meet amazing people and we’re looking forward to working with you to help tell your story.


Going Native
A Life on the Line
Bighetty and Bighetty
Handcrafted Manitoba
The Drift
CBC Shorts

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