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In the spring of 2015 we were commissioned by CBC Manitoba to produce a video in conjunction with Metis poet Katherena Vermette. The focus of the video was Winnipeg’s north end– one of the most economically depressed and violent neighbourhoods in Canada.

During our journey through the north end we met some of the most wonderful and warm people, dispelling many of our preconceptions of the people who call the place home.

Written by: Katherena Vermette
Produced by: Ice River Films Inc.
Director/DOP: Sam Karney
Edit/Colour: Sam Karney
Producer/Additional Camera: Andrew Wiens
Sound Design: Andrew Wiens
Production Assistant: Kim Orlick
Commissioned by CBC Aboriginal

Insurgence/Resurgence: Dee Barsy

Painter Dee Barsy reflects on her art

Painter Dee Barsy explores the interconnectedness of family at the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Insurgence/Resurgence exhibit.

Insurgence/Resurgence: Kenneth Lavallee

Kenneth Lavallee depicts the “Great Flood” at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

CBC Arts: Jackie Traverse

CBC Arts follows Winnipeg-based First Nations artist Jackie Traverse as she creates her mixed-media mural of butterflies to symbolize the missing and murdered indigenous women.

CBC host Rosanna Deerchild opens up about book inspired by her mother

Rosanna Deerchild said the biggest challenge in writing her new book was getting her mom to open up about her past. In this poignant video, Deerchild shares her work with the woman who inspired it.


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