Inspired by 50 years of living on reserve and travelling the world – while navigating colonial Toronto, Drew Hayden Taylor will take a look at a unique aspect of Aboriginal identity in each episode. He will go in search of history, seek out the positive global impacts of Native culture, meet contemporary figures, and make bold projections about the future.

Drew’s humour and adventurous action “journalism” will alter the way our First Nations neighbours are perceived.
The show is fun. While we deal with serious topics, and remain open to honest human emotion, the underlying tone is optimistic and the motivation is open curiosity. We want the world to know that Native people are full of life and like to laugh. An event on a reservation is filled with jokes, teasing, and joy. Our show will celebrate that often under-represented aspect. As an “intellectual humorist” Drew is perfectly suited to moderate the proceedings.
Each episode opens with the introduction of a concept – humour, art, education, food, sport, feminism, architecture, music… the potential is endless. With the help of street questions in downtown Toronto we establish the stereotypes about how Natives deal with the issue. From there, we have a quick review of the history of the topic and then we jump into the real world of innovation and accomplishment occurring within a First Nations cultural context. The episode ends with Drew reflecting on where we are, and where we are going.


Our Capabilities

Creative Development

A solid creative plan is a pretty darn good idea. Let’s grab a coffee. Let’s chat and talk about what the important things are for you to convey and feel in your message. Let’s throw ideas around to help you to develop an inspiring concept. Don’t worry about it either. We’re pretty good at slicing through and getting to the heart of the matter.


We can handle the scriptwriting. Leave it to us. We’ll learn the language and tone you want to use. We can write dialogue or narrative, navigate our way through voiceovers or drive the story from our characters themselves. We’ll carve the narrative arc that will help to grow the branches off of your metaphorical story tree.


Details matter. And it's the producers job to oversee that these details are adhered to throughout the process of making any film. Our experience covers the gamut. We know pre-production, production and post-production. And our understanding of all of these elements makes us great at making sure the lines of communication are spread across all of these facets, to ensure that the passion we see in the inception of a project is seen through to delivery.


Could you say your line again? This time I want to see the real YOU, the genuine person who really cares about why you’re here, why it’s so important to talk about this. See? It’s not so hard.

Yeah, we can direct too. It takes a variety of forms, from coaching to knowing when to lay off and let you go. We can do that.


Ok, we're not going to brag, but have you checked out our reel? It's pretty awesome. We rely on some pretty amazing hands, navigating some pretty crazy equipment, all designed to create some of the most beautiful moving pictures you're going to see. Whether you need to have a handheld camera in a crazy action sequence or beautifully composed smooth production shots, we're up for it. Cold weather, warm weather, in the wilderness or indoors, let's do it.

Editing & Post-Production

With all the great shots in the world, you’ll need someone to put it all together for you. It’s essential to have the same amount of care putting the finishing touches on your piece as throughout the process. From good writing to good shooting to good editing, we’ll pay attention to each detail through to the post-production process, so that you’re happy with the results.

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