Puppets? Really?! Yup. From Pukatawagan?! Uh huh. I know, it’s nuts. Wait ‘til you see what happens when a puppet goes in to get vaccinated.

The Bighetty brothers can’t help themselves. They’ve been finding new ways to get people to laugh ever since they can remember. A few years ago a chance run-in with a discarded puppet lead to a new age of ridiculousity and awesomeness. The puppet troop Bighetty & Bighetty was formed.

The puppets – named Marcl, Baptiste, Michel and The Chief – are quite the characters. As much as they’re reminiscent of the renowned Muppet or Sesame Street franchises, there’s one distinct difference: They’re clearly Indigenous. And they seem to have a mind of their own. The hilarious antics of these little dudes revolves around having fun with every day occurrences in their community, their wit and charm on display as they slide back and forth from English and Cree. When they aren’t hamming it up in front of a cell phone camera for an online video, they’re getting a smile a second performing at schools for children.

The brothers themselves – Ken, Andrew, Kelsey, Dan & Russell – didn’t have much of a background in performing, but they were born with the gift of humour. Lead by the eldest, Russell and his charismatic personality, they created characters based on what they saw around them in their own community. It wasn’t long when they realized that using the puppets to speak in Cree would be a fun way to engage children in learning the language.
It started with short skits to entertain friends and family. Before long, they had tens of thousands of views on social media and requests for performances from communities across Manitoba. If you believe it, they even take their show on the road – like rock stars – sometimes performing in 8 communities in 6 days. The puppets are mobbed by children. Even elders stop to talk to the Bighetty brothers, engaging with their alter egos.

Tragically, in the spring of 2018, Russell passed away. Deeply wounded, the remaining brothers carried on, determined to keep the joy of their performances alive. Russell would always say that there’s magic with the puppets and that a child’s smile is precious. Rather than sadness, the surviving brothers choose laughter.
The puppets, well they’ve got another idea entirely. Now knowing of how big of a deal they’re becoming – getting upwards of 50,000 views on some of their content – they’re starting to think that they should get their independence. Unaware of the nature of their existence, they’ve got a mission of their own, to move to self-determination. Who knows what could happen if the puppets have their way. Will the brothers continue to their joyous mission or will the puppets own misadventures create a havoc we have rarely seen on reserve?


Our Capabilities

Creative Development

A solid creative plan is a pretty darn good idea. Let’s grab a coffee. Let’s chat and talk about what the important things are for you to convey and feel in your message. Let’s throw ideas around to help you to develop an inspiring concept. Don’t worry about it either. We’re pretty good at slicing through and getting to the heart of the matter.


We can handle the scriptwriting. Leave it to us. We’ll learn the language and tone you want to use. We can write dialogue or narrative, navigate our way through voiceovers or drive the story from our characters themselves. We’ll carve the narrative arc that will help to grow the branches off of your metaphorical story tree.


Details matter. And it's the producers job to oversee that these details are adhered to throughout the process of making any film. Our experience covers the gamut. We know pre-production, production and post-production. And our understanding of all of these elements makes us great at making sure the lines of communication are spread across all of these facets, to ensure that the passion we see in the inception of a project is seen through to delivery.


Could you say your line again? This time I want to see the real YOU, the genuine person who really cares about why you’re here, why it’s so important to talk about this. See? It’s not so hard.

Yeah, we can direct too. It takes a variety of forms, from coaching to knowing when to lay off and let you go. We can do that.


Ok, we're not going to brag, but have you checked out our reel? It's pretty awesome. We rely on some pretty amazing hands, navigating some pretty crazy equipment, all designed to create some of the most beautiful moving pictures you're going to see. Whether you need to have a handheld camera in a crazy action sequence or beautifully composed smooth production shots, we're up for it. Cold weather, warm weather, in the wilderness or indoors, let's do it.

Editing & Post-Production

With all the great shots in the world, you’ll need someone to put it all together for you. It’s essential to have the same amount of care putting the finishing touches on your piece as throughout the process. From good writing to good shooting to good editing, we’ll pay attention to each detail through to the post-production process, so that you’re happy with the results.

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