Creating the right content targeted to your intended audience in the right way is everything. You want to grow your business, you want to increase your brand awareness. You have goals and your message to the world is important. The question is how to get it across. Branded video is key.

The awesome thing about creating video content is that it leverages all the senses. Well, not smell, I guess – but you have images to excite the eyes and the power of dynamic sound. All of that, and you can share your videos instantly with the world on devices that are directly in your consumers’ hands. It’s pretty cool. We want to be the ones that make it count when it gets there.

Seems simple, right? Not so much. This might come as surprise, but not all video is created equal. The hard sell is getting harder. People are fickle. They want to be entertained when they click. The bottom line for you is that you need to create content for your brand that people want to watch. We work with you, collaboratively, to build a concept and a message that will strike through and get to the heart of the brand story you want to tell.

We love a challenge. We thrive on finding new ways to tell a story. We want to find that unique strand of DNA that makes your brand YOU. Using that information, we begin to build the structure of your story. From the ground up, we create a customized video or even a series in a branded campaign for you that will transform the way people look at you.

We identify your brand’s core values and search for characters and stories that people can relate to, bringing out the personable human side to your story. We’re looking to hit a nerve and give your video an emotional connectivity to your audience that strikes to the heart of your message. We want to show the best you.

Your story is deeper than most people think. We have both the skills and passion that can bring it to light.

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Our Capabilities

Creative Development

A solid creative plan is a pretty darn good idea. Let’s grab a coffee. Let’s chat and talk about what the important things are for you to convey and feel in your message. Let’s throw ideas around to help you to develop an inspiring concept. Don’t worry about it either. We’re pretty good at slicing through and getting to the heart of the matter.


We can handle the scriptwriting. Leave it to us. We’ll learn the language and tone you want to use. We can write dialogue or narrative, navigate our way through voiceovers or drive the story from our characters themselves. We’ll carve the narrative arc that will help to grow the branches off of your metaphorical story tree.


Details matter. And it's the producers job to oversee that these details are adhered to throughout the process of making any film. Our experience covers the gamut. We know pre-production, production and post-production. And our understanding of all of these elements makes us great at making sure the lines of communication are spread across all of these facets, to ensure that the passion we see in the inception of a project is seen through to delivery.


Could you say your line again? This time I want to see the real YOU, the genuine person who really cares about why you’re here, why it’s so important to talk about this. See? It’s not so hard.

Yeah, we can direct too. It takes a variety of forms, from coaching to knowing when to lay off and let you go. We can do that.


Ok, we're not going to brag, but have you checked out our reel? It's pretty awesome. We rely on some pretty amazing hands, navigating some pretty crazy equipment, all designed to create some of the most beautiful moving pictures you're going to see. Whether you need to have a handheld camera in a crazy action sequence or beautifully composed smooth production shots, we're up for it. Cold weather, warm weather, in the wilderness or indoors, let's do it.

Editing & Post-Production

With all the great shots in the world, you’ll need someone to put it all together for you. It’s essential to have the same amount of care putting the finishing touches on your piece as throughout the process. From good writing to good shooting to good editing, we’ll pay attention to each detail through to the post-production process, so that you’re happy with the results.

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